2022 WPLGASC Membership Information

Beginning January 1, 2018, the Southern California Golf Association became the sole source of USGA Handicap Indexes for all golfers in Southern California.  WPLGASC will no longer manage the USGA Handicap System for our member clubs and individual members.  

WPLGASC will continue to provide the same tournament programs as are currently offered.  

  1. Monthly Association Days
  2. Major Tournaments
  3. Far Away From Home Tournament
  4. Team

Your club is invited to join WPLGASC as a club and your members invited to join as Individual Members in order for them to continue participation in these programs.  Membership in WPLGASC is optional for clubs and members. Both may join WPLGASC.

WPLGASC Club Membership  

  • In order for individuals to participate in WPLGASC events, they must belong to a club which is a member of WPLGASC
  • Club dues are $10. 
  • Clubs may elect to join WPLGASC at any time during the year but must renew membership for the next year at the end of the membership year.

 WPLGASC Individual Memberships 

  • Each individual who wishes to participate in WPLGASC events must join WPLGASC through any club that joins WPLGASC for 2020.
  • Membership in WPLGASC will no longer be automatic upon joining a member club, but must be selected as an option on the club membership application. 
  • Individual dues are $20.00 per member. 
  • Individuals may elect to join WPLGASC at any time during the year but must renew membership for the next year at the end of the membership year.

During the membership period, the Handicap and/or Membership Chairs of each club will send the following to WPLGASC:

  • A WPLGASC Club renewal membership application and check for fee of $10 made payable to WPLGASC
  • A list of club members who have selected the option to join WPLGASC with their GHIN numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers. Include a check for the total of dues at $20 per WPLGASC Individual Member made payable to WPLGASC.
  • IMPORTANT! Please note that individuals are only required to join WPLGASC through one (1) club to be eligible to participate in all WPLGASC events. There will be no Multi Member category or additional dues beyond the $20 WPLGASC dues.

The members of the board of WPLGASC are available to visit your club to help or answer any questions you may have.  We encourage you to extend an invitation to us through your WPLGASC Division Representative. We will arrange for a member of our Board of Directors to visit your club. Each Division, the Division clubs, and the Division Representative’s contact information are listed here

The new structure and operating procedures for WPLGASC continue to develop and new information will be shared as it becomes available.  Please be assured that your Board of Directors is devoted to continuing the best service possible to our members.